Wedding menu

Where love is, night never falls (African proverb)

For a wedding reception, we open the doors of our establishment from 6:00 p.m. until 3 a.m...

First, we will serve you cocktails and hors d'oeuvre (included in our various menu suggestions) on a Buffet in the garden, weather permitting, or inside:

Aperitif wine, pastis, whiskey, punch

             Fruit juices and mineral waters

                         Assorted cold savouries (toasts and canapés)

                                    Assorted hot savouries (pizzas, quiches, cheese straws)

Then, we offer six different menus... thank you for choosing a single menu for all your guests.

The Chef, Jean-Pierre Guillerez, will always be ready to substitute a dish if a guest so wishes.

Champagne (one bottle for 4 people) and assorted "petits fours" can accompany the after-dinner coffee (add € 12 to the price of the menu you will have chosen).

If you prefer to bring your own champagne, a € 5 cork fee per bottle will be charged.

Music entertainment can also be arranged (if you wish and at your charge).

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